HUMAN BODY 1 - 14 activities set

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  • 9 flashcards with organs
  • 1 skeleton (bones) and one control card
  • 18 cards - mark first letter in the word (both side printing with answers on the back side)
  • 9 cards count teeth (both side printing with answer key at the back)
  • 9 cards - fetal development of human  + 9 cards pregnancy stages 
  • 1 page - parts of human body 
  • 1 page -  match titles with the organs in the body 
  •  Human body for placing organst into it + control card 
  • 2 pages + healthy and unhealthy food
  • 5 cards - human senses 
  • 3 cards - fet, proteins, carbohydrates
  • Find the right shade for vitamin groups 
  • 8 two-part cards organs and their function
  • 1 page - open mouth to simulate and clean cavities.
  • 5 control cards  to some activities


The set is used to practice skills and acquire knowledge in a playful way. The activities are focused on the knowledge of parts and organs of the human body, their function and location. It also focuses on the condition and important components of food. On the dowel cards, children will practice the first vowel of the word, including vocabulary exercises, and the mathematical basics of counting to 10. They will also focus on the sensitivity of color perception and color shades, sorting by size (child development). At the same time, children will practice logic and thinking about putting together puzzles of the 5 human senses.

 Note: pictures in photogalery are from czech version, but this version is in ENGLISH and pictures are only illustrative

AVAILABLE PRODUCT: PDF = electronic file to be printed at your home


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